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A Carers Thought's

right from the start, you were a thief, you stole my heart

People are always asking Simon what’s wrong with him, he is 35 years old and on crutches or a walking frame all of the time. This naturally makes people curious because he has no cast on his leg or outward signs of injury. The crucial point however is that it is none of their business.

How many people would ask me why I’m fat or ask someone who wears a lot of fake tan why they are so orange? I would bet that very few people would ask these sort of questions but they think its OK to ask a complete stranger their medical history. I find this really odd sometimes and as mentioned previously it inevitably leads to ‘I had such and such wrong with my back have you tried blah blah blah because it worked wonders for me’. Simon, understandably finds it very intrusive and it can make him really angry from time to time.

Due to this, Simon has come up with a new coping mechanism that is giving him some fun. A few weeks ago he decided that he would tell anybody who asked the strangest most unrealistic story he could think of. An example of one he used recently was that he was studying marine biology in Australia and got squashed against the side of a pool by a whale.

It was quite funny watching the man he was telling it to as Simon didn’t even sound convincing to himself and you could tell he didn’t believe Si but wouldn’t question him.

What kind of world do we live in where its OK to ask such intrusive questions about a personal subject but not to call someone out when they are blatantly lying?!

I think its a bit of a silly thing to do really but if it keeps him happy and teaches the nosy bastards to think twice before asking next time, then that can only be a good thing!



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