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Painting On Scars

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Really, With the Gay Jokes?” “The Rape-Joke Double Standard.” “Has The Onion Gotten Too Mean?” These are the headlines to just a few of the several articles appearing this week about comedians and conscience. All of them make excellent points, but the problem with trying to explain why a joke is offensive is that it instantly kills the mood. Culture critics aren’t professional comedians and thus they almost always end up being viewed as the more uptight of the two, even if their arguments are rock-solid.

And yet, the best comedians are pretty good culture critics, as Dara Ó Briain proved years ago at the Theatre Royal in London. Amidst his cracks about the idiots who ask you to remove your shoes in their home, the idiots who confuse astronomy and astrology, and the idiots who think the…

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So we had the tribunal on the 3rd of May and we won thank goodness! It was terrifying and the most stress we have both been under in ages but it was over very quickly. We went in and there was a doctor and a lady who I think was the main decision maker, the doctor asked si questions about his mobility for about 5 minutes, the lady then asked a couple of questions and then she told us that they were ready to give us a decision there and then which was a relief as when we arrived, the clerk told us they were running behind and we wouldn’t be told on the day. We stepped out for less than a minute and we were called back in. Si burst out crying as soon as they told us, I can’t even describe how relieved I was. They have also recommended that he is not assessed again for 2 years which is brilliant, I’m not sure that ATOS will pay much attention to this but we have been told that by showing our paper that says he won, this will override any other decisions within this time frame.
We are now due a back payment of around £3500,we will pay off our debts and then we are hoping to get a rescue dog with what’s left over, the extra money will be so helpful and will allow us to get things we need without having to forfeit something else.
It finally feels like things are coming together and I hope life will be a bit easier now, all I can say to finish this post is phew! Thank fuck it’s over!